Performance Rates

We do various types of events; such as corporate events, non-profit fundraisers, community block parties, cultural & music festivals, and more! To book us for your event or for more information, head to our Contact Us page.


Tier E: Basic Performance – $150-$200 (Up to 10 Minute Showcase)

Tier D: Plus Performance – $200-$250 (Up to 20 Minute Showcase)

Tier C: Premium Performance – $250-$300 (Up to 30 Minute Showcase)

Tier B: V.I.P. Performance – $300-$350 (Up to 40 Minute Showcase)

Tier A: Next Level Performance – $350-$400 (45 Minute Showcase)

Tier S: The R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Experience – $500.00 (1-Hour Showcase)

*Transportation fees my apply for performances outside of a 10-mile radius*

Note: For shows that require airfare, hotel and lodging, additional costs may apply!

We can customize show requests, music/song selections and performance packages. All Performance packages include music/song selections and dance performances, and rate estimates will vary depending on the song selections and performances that are customized.

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