R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Incorporated: Dancing To Make A Difference!

R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Inc. (also known as Project R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T.) is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Baltimore based service organization; that is all about making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and their communities through the art of dance and creative expression. Founded in 2014 by Angelia Lewis; Our mission is to Reach, Inspire, Connect, Overcome, Create, Help, Empower, and Transform the lives of those they touch in the community, and the world. Through the art of dance and creative expression; we create an interactive environment and soul-stirring presentations that are fun, family-friendly, and engaging. We believe change must start within the individual; then the individual can impact their family, and then can bring about change in their community. 


About The Visionary: The Origin Story of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Inc.

Angelia Lewis (Founder and Creator of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Inc.) is a native of Goldsboro, North Carolina who lived in Washington D.C. most of her early years before settling in Baltimore, MD in 1990. She graduated from UMBC that same year with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems; and is an entrepreneur of a few businesses in Afro-Centric Hair Braiding, Chair Fitness, and the manager of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T.’s dance troop. Throughout her business endeavors Angelia believed that her divine calling and purpose is to educate, empower, enlighten, and elevate those around her.

As a single mother of two sons who are on the Autism Spectrum; Isaiah Lewis who is a member of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T., and Donte’ Lewis who is a DJ and a music producer, Angelia is a firm believer in God as well as a confident queen who believes that trials come to make you strong; and one must continue to find joy in the journey. The conception of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. and what it might’ve looked like came to Angelia in the form of an unfinished 1980’s-inspired “Planet Rock” type beat that her eldest son Donte’ had produced in 2013. Although the beat didn’t have a definitive title, Angelia listened to the beat as it suddenly brought about an idea for a dance troop. The name “Ricochet” came to her as a God-given vision while dwelling on the sounds of her son’s unfinished beat. In 2014 Angelia created and founded R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. as a dance troop and entered the “Uplifting Minds II” talent competition in Baltimore, MD after only two days of rehearsal – winning the competition.

From there R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. continued to grow and define its style of dance and creative expression through various medleys and tributes; such as the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, The Blues Brothers, James Brown, and The Temptations. They’ve done performances all around the Baltimore area; such as Artscape, Light City, opened up for the UniverSoul Circus, and even performed at events out of state in New York, Virginia, and even Los Angeles, California. Throughout its journey R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. has incorporated various styles of dance into its presentations; such as popping, locking, liquid movement, and even gospel liturgical dance. Becoming a part of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. is more than just being in a dance group with others who share their passion of dance through their creative expressions; it brings about a life-changing experience through those who are a part of the organization, as well as the youth, young adults and the elderly who are interactively engaged in their performances, workshops, and recreational activities.

Light City Baltimore Show

Dance Camp Performance Show

World of Possibilities Expo 2017

7th Anniversary Performance

SLT Gala 2016 Halloween Performance

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